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Martin Sures has been involved in the floor covering industry since 1973. From his years of owning and operating a retail floor covering store, he pursued a greater knowledge of the industry through his visits to manufacturing facilities and frequently attending carpet related seminars and training sessions.

After moving into the technical field of carpet inspection, he attained the status of Certified Senior Carpet Inspector. Having been in the position of seeing the carpet purchase through the eyes of a retailer and now dealing day-to-day with the problems experienced by the consumer, he felt a compelling need to write a book. Some of the content from that book is used on this site.

Martin’s wife, Phyllis, joined his firm in 1990 as the office manager. Her functions include regularly advising both industry personnel and the public on technical aspects in the carpet industry. Her technical know-how combined with her consumer orientation provides an understandable approach to this guide.

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