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The purpose of this site is not to tell you what brand of carpet to buy. We are not promoting any particular mill or retailer as we wish to present to you an unbiased understanding of carpet from a professional point of view.

The purpose of this site is not to turn you into a “Carpet Expert.” What you will become, is an educated buyer. You will know what questions to ask. Hopefully, you will have realistic expectations of what to look for in terms of a practical fiber, color and style of carpet that will accent your home, carpet that you will enjoy for many years. It is easy to see something in the store you may like, but you may find it won’t give you the effect or service you desire.

Carpet Installation
home install

Learn about the most common installs that are used in residential installation.

Carpet Seaming
home seaming

Learn about carpet seaming and why seems are necessary.

Selecting Padding
home padding

Learn why carpet padding is so important why not overlook what you choose.

Carpet Styles
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View the different styles of carpet and benefits of the most popular verieties.

Carpet Color
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Learn how the color of carpet can change the entire feel of a space.

Indoor Air Quality
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Learn about VOC’s and how carpet can effect the indoor air quality.